Sonata Technology

Sonata is TAPTAP’s technology stack.

Sonata harmonizes massive amounts of unorderly data signals.

Built for Global Scale

Sonata has been conceived for a mobile world.

Smartphones, globally, have become our primary access points to digital.  From point-of-sale transactions to simply browsing the internet, these devices are the best representation of our digital persona.

Sonata is a scalable technology capable of processing billions of smartphone data signals to efficiently profile and contextually engage with mobile audiences globally.

Mobile Advertising Platform

Sonata Bridges Physical & Digital

Sonata’s technology leverages digital and physical signals to profile and engage mobile audiences.

Sonata Location Quality Index (LQI)

Sonata verifies and validates for location data accuracy.

Sonata location engine (LQI) computes and assorts billions of data signals on a monthly basis filtering for location quality.

Sonata LQI matches against point-of-interest data (POI) creating presence based profiles.

When coupled, physical presence and digital behavior provides real customer interests and affinities.


Where You Are is Who Your AreTM.

Connected Devices / Internet of things (IoT)

Sonata has been conceived for a mobile world where physical and digital are essentially the same, where connected devices are ubiquitous hubs providing massive amounts of data that create accurate intent-based audience clusters and provide total campaign ROAS.

Connected Devices

Sonata API

Sonata provides unparalleled access to the valuable data in its DMP.

Use our powerful data to drive dynamic creative optimization, customize your reporting and measure all the main campaign KPIs.

We also offer custom API solutions to enterprise clients.


Data import & export is natively embedded in the backend allowing for multiple data sources to be intertwined with each other and activated at the campaign level. Reach specific audience clusters from external DMP/CRM sources or activate IoT data contextually real-time.

Enrich external data sources with Sonata Audience Profiles and post-campaign data through easily available export mechanisms.