TAPTAP’s successful Mexico team continues its unstoppable growth

  • TAPTAP Mexico celebrates its second anniversary accompanied by the Mexican advertising sector.
  • Thanks to its successful growth, TAPTAP Mexico is expanding its office and strengthening its team in all areas.

TAPTAP Mexico has managed to position itself as the leader of the Mexican digital advertising market in just two years, solidifying its agreements with five of the foremost Mexican media agencies. Thanks to the high quality of its service, and its innovative cross-media solutions and strategies, TAPTAP Mexico has been driven to incorporate new talent and expand its offices.

Last Thursday, July 26, TAPTAP Mexico celebrated its second anniversary accompanied by the Mexican advertising sector with a cooking party. The party, which took place in Sobremesa, an old palace located in La Roma, was attended by prominent professionals from the Mexican advertising, digital and programmatic industry. This laid-back occasion allowed the TAPTAP Mexico team to meet with friends from the industry, cook and savor a great night.


TAPTAP Mexico, which since its creation in 2017 has experienced exponential growth, is celebrating its second anniversary by opening new offices in WeWork Cervantes, and reinforcing the commercial and customer service areas, with the addition of five new professionals.

The TAPTAP Mexico team, led by Javier Ormazabal, is joined by Juliana Jiménez and Irmgard Alcalá as Sales Managers, backed by Rogelio Estrada’s Customer Service team which is joined by Alix Castañeda and Sales Coordinator Mario Cruz. In addition, Viviana del Pino joins the Financial Department.


In the photo, from left to right: Rogelio Estrada, Juliana Jiménez, Mario Cruz, Viviana del Pino, Javier Ormazabal and Irmgard Alcalá.


Javier Ormazabal, Country Manager of TAPTAP Mexico, explains: “The great acceptance of our value proposition in the Mexican market, and the exponential growth that we’ve experienced in the last year and a half, has reverted in the constant reinforcement of the team. The incorporation of the best digital talent, thanks to recognized professionals in the industry, has prepared us to continue facing the challenges proposed by the major advertisers in the country.”

TAPTAP is present in 9 markets in Europe and the Americas, with offices in Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Italy and the USA. The development of Sonata, TAPTAP’s digital marketing platform, as well as the implementation of data-driven strategies and the constant renewal of its products, have promoted the positioning of TAPTAP as a leading company in key Latin American advertising markets.

Felipe Areal, Partner & COO comments: “Our growth in Mexico will continue to be dizzying, supported by the development of our Omni-channel value proposition and an incredible team.”

The advanced audience profiling from a mobile-centric approach, the geo-contextual campaign activation, and finally, the physical and digital advertising attribution in real time allow Sonata to impact the right person, with the right message, at the most appropriate time during the entire purchase process.

Sonata is the DSP and DMP chosen by thousands of advertisers and global agencies in Europe and the Americas due to its ability to implement physical and digital strategies, its versatility, transparency and brand safety which is guaranteed by third parties.

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