TAPTAP: Unstoppable in Peru

  • The digital marketing multinational, TAPTAP, continues its growth in the Peruvian advertising market.
  • The team of TAPTAP Peru, led by Sales Director José Garreta, has been strengthened in the digital sector with the addition of new Sales Manager, Maga Bertetti.


The arrival of Maga Bertetti strengthens the sales team of TAPTAP Peru, which since its opening in 2017, has experienced an unstoppable growth, managing to position itself as the leader in the Peruvian advertising sector.


Maga Bertetti, a graduate in Communication Sciences from The University of Lima, also specialized in digital strategic management. Maga, who joins TAPTAP Peru as Sales Manager. She’s been part of the El Comercio Group and the RPP Group, managing the special accounts of principle clients and agencies across the country. Maga Bertetti will manage direct contact with advertisers and agencies, and will be responsible for the development and execution of digital strategies for national and global advertisers.


Maga Bertetti y Jose Garreta




José Garreta, Sales Director of TAPTAP Peru explains, “I’m very happy with the incorporation of Maga to the company, her commercial and strategic profile are key for the growth of TAPTAP in the Peruvian market. She’ll not only oversee the development the programmatic market, but she’ll also take on the role of consultant for the 360 marketing strategies, which our customers are looking for today.”


TAPTAP’s innovative digital advertising solutions have encouraged large advertisers to rely on Sonata as a technological partner for data-driven solutions. And that’s why Sonata, the digital marketing platform of TAPTAP, is the one chosen by key advertisers and global media agencies to manage, implement and measure their mobile-centric digital strategies in Peru.


Maga Bertetti, Sales Manager of TAPTAP Peru says, “I feel truly happy to belong to TAPTAP Peru, and very confident in what we’ve been working on inside the company, under a mobile-centric programmatic sales model that’s allowed us to develop communication strategies, maximizing the relevance of our advertisers’ message, and the effectiveness of their digital efforts.”


Maga Bertetti


Sonata’s mobile-centric approach breaks up the analysis of mobile data to establish an advanced profiling of audiences, the sophisticated activation of contextual campaigns, and finally, the physical and digital advertising attribution in real time. In this way, Sonata, manages to impact the right person, with the right message, at the most appropriate time during the entire purchase process.


Daniel Cruz, Partner & Regional Director South America says, “The arrival of Maga Bertetti, and more people in the future, is a clear sign of our permanence in Peru. Our operation is growing stronger every day within the country, thanks to the trust of our customers. There are more and more “always on” projects that we’re developing, as well as very refined reports and analytics that make this clients’ trust go even further.”


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