TAPTAP, efficient and sustainable growth

Source: Revista Interactiva

The great challenge of TAPTAP Networks is the optimization of operations management around its own technology that allows it to offer unique and scalable solutions in all markets in which the company operates.


Interactiva – In a sector where everything changes so fast, what’s the current situation of the company?

Álvaro del Castillo, Founder & CEO of TAPTAP Networks – TAPTAP is an established multinational and in continuous growth both nationally and internationally. Our commitment since 2010 has been to constantly invest in our own advertising technology, and the return on this investment is evident in the pace of business growth we’re experiencing. Our bet is on efficient and sustainable growth, while at the same time opening and strengthening new markets. Today we have more income from international markets than national ones, and both are experiencing double-digit year-on-year increases.


Interactiva – Your company has a prominent position in the market. How have you evolved to reach this point?

Our first great success is having established a great team in TAPTAP. Great professionals who share a vision and an illusion to lead an ultra-competitive sector. The facts speak for themselves, we’ve grown faster than the industry average since our foundation, and this is thanks to the involvement and leadership shown by the entire TAPTAP team. From there, everything is more fluid.

We’re a company that has our own product, Sonata, which is very different and is constantly evolving. Our solutions are born in Sonata, and clearly offer tangible benefits to our customers, major brands and agencies. We’re aware that after almost 9 years to get to this point, we’ve been wrong many times, but I think that for now we’ve been successful more times than not. I hope it continues like this!


Interactiva – As a conclusion, tell us a bit about the short-term forecasts for your company and the sector.

The digital advertising sector is also growing, and we see more and more that technology is a differential factor. Being owners of our technology gives us clear benefits in order to offer unique and scalable solutions in the market. We’ll continue betting on reinvesting in our future.

One of the advantages of our technology and the Sonata platform is that it’s globally scalable and, thanks to this, in 2019 we’ll open between two or three new markets in Europe and the Americas. At the same time, we’re strengthening our global corporate structure to cope with the immense growth we’re experiencing. Our major challenge is organizational and efficient management of operations around our technology, while increasing the volume of business in each of the eight markets in which we’re present. Doing this, while Sonata keeps on innovating and constantly surprising, and we manage to open 2 or 3 new markets, is going to be fun.

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