TAPTAP Chile enhances its commercial team

  • The TAPTAP Chile team has been in expansion mode since its birth in 2015.
  • The incorporation of Gorka Báez Fernández as Sales Director and Dulce Castillo Mangarre as Sales Manager boost the commercial team in TAPTAP Chile.

The arrival of TAPTAP in Chile in 2015 was a great milestone for the Spanish digital advertising multinational, which in 2018 decided to breathe fresh air to its commercial strategy by enhancing its sales team.

Daniel Cruz, Partner & Regional Director South America explains: “For us, Chile is a fundamental and strategic market where innovation and innovative strategies can be applied, linking the “off world” with the digital world. We expect 2018 and 2019 to be TAPTAP’s years of total consolidation and growth in Chile.”

The additions of Gorka Báez Fernández as Sales Director and Dulce Castillo Mangarre as Sales Manager represent a new focus on market strategy for TAPTAP Chile.

Felipe Areal, Partner & COO comments: “From TAPTAP, there is a structural commitment to the Chilean market, which due to its maturity and sophistication represents an authentic regional launch ramp for the introduction of user-centric strategies through our Sonata platform.”

Gorka Báez

Gorka Báez, with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Management and a Master’s in Corporate and Advertising Communication, has more than 14 years of successful professional experience in Sales and Marketing. His experience in Commercial Management has been a key contribution in the growth and development of European technology companies in the Latin American market. Gorka Báez, who joins TAPTAP Chile as Sales Director, will be responsible for the company’s growth in the Chilean advertising market.

Gorka Báez, Sales Director of TAPTAP Chile explains: “Chile is the country with the highest internet connectivity in Latin America, with 82.9% of these connections through mobile devices. We’re witnessing the consolidation of the digital citizen, where large agencies and advertisers rely on TAPTAP to get to know their audience and extract maximum efficiency and effectiveness from their mobile campaigns.”

Dulce Castillo

Dulce Castillo, with a Bachelor’s in Social Communication, has 12 years of professional experience in customer service, sales, marketing and digital media. Her career has allowed her to be an integral professional, capable of recognizing the needs of her clients. Dulce Castillo, who joins TAPTAP Chile as Sales Manager, completes the commercial team and will be in charge of managing direct contact with advertisers and agencies, providing solutions that always add to and support the development of digital projects.

Dulce Castillo, Sales Manager of TAPTAP Chile says: “For some time the use of mobile devices has been changing the direction of digital marketing. One of the main reasons is that it allows the user to be anywhere, while simultaneously interacting with the environment in real time. This is where TAPTAP offers an interesting value proposition for agencies and advertisers, thanks to knowing where the advertiser’s public is so they can impact them using innovative and specific formats according to the objective of each brand.”

TAPTAP is currently present in 9 markets in Europe and the Americas, with offices in Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Italy and the US, aims to continue the internationalization of the company in the short term. This exponential growth is due to the development of Sonata, the digital marketing platform with its own innovative technology that, applying a mobile-centric approach, allows us to manage, implement and measure digital cross-device strategies.

Sonata’s versatility, transparency and brand safety, guaranteed by third parties, make it the DSP and DMP platform chosen by thousands of advertisers and global agencies in Europe and the Americas.

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