The Challenge

Reach an interested audience in the white good brand, and impact them through a geo-contextual dynamic creative campaign in different situations; when users are near to the stores or when the pollen count is high.

Our Solution

A household appliance firm has presented a mobile advertising campaign focused on launching three different strategies in order to contrast and evaluate the performance of these approaches.

These advertisement strategies were geolocated in the USA during the months of April and May. Firstly, a brand campaign impact on users interested on knowing more about the new product technology developed by the brand. Secondly, a strategy focused on driving users to the closest physical store was run. Finally, a dynamic campaign geolocated in places that presented the highest level of pollen in the country was carried out.


Including a TAP2Web event, the integrated medium rectangle was the creative format used by the advertiser. The three creatives allowed users to obtain detailed information about the technological advances implemented on the new product.

The average engagement rates showed an uplift of 52%, while according to Doubleclick the average engagement for a national mobile campaign in the USA is 0.13%, the average campaign engagement was 0.26%.

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