The Challenge

Drive awareness of new Luxury Sunscreen Product and encourage physical store visits.

Our Solution

The campaign targeted high income, active outdoor lifestyle consumers (female skewed) across the United States for the beginning of the summer season. These are people willing to pay for high quality skincare products.

The creative strategy consisted on a landing page that integrated a dynamic map to drive people to the closest store, and that also included a hyper-local contextual message with regards to the UV Ray factor happening at the exact moment and place that ad was being delivered.


There were several learnings after analyzing the daily campaign data, and after careful study of the in-store audience attribution data. Thursday had the highest performance rate as an indication that people were in “weekend planning” mode, checking the weather, saw the ad, and engaged.

Performance by app had a slighter stronger performance vs web.

Performance was much stronger in around metropolitan areas. We did some targeting around yacht clubs, golf clubs and higher income neighborhoods. The east coast was particularly strong.

There was a 4-5% engagement rate for click to purchase and click to map. The real engagement occurred when showcasing the closest location to purchase signalling people preferred to visit the store rather than buying the product on their mobile device.

Exposure to the ad conversion rate to a store visit was 1.66%. Just under 71.000 store visits within 14 days of seeing the ad leading to a $0.13 cost per store visit. Although targeting predominately for female audiences, specific male audiences, married men with no children that were exposed to the ad, also saw above average store visit rates.

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