The Challenge

To announce the new “Pick-up and Delivery” service consisting on drivers not having to bring their vehicle to the car service workshop. The campaign aimed to raise awareness of the service and to achieve the highest engagement ratios among men and women older than 25 years who were owners and had previously been to the Pick-Up and Delivery Zones.

Our Solution

Launched in September, a low frequency cap was used in order to increase reach among this geo-behavior profile. The Luxury Automotive Company opted for a full screen interstitial creative (320x480px) with a clear message on white background and a mobile-friendly single TAP2Web action that directed to the advertiser’s website.


The geo-behaviour cluster achieved an engagement ratio that was 74% higher than average branding campaigns for the automotive industry. Performance was highest in mobile apps and around metropolitan areas during weekends. Leisure apps in the Video and Computer Games IAB category showed the strongest performance.

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