The Challenge

Boost brand awareness for the ice cream bar during the kickoff of summer to increase ice cream sales throughout the season.

Our Solution

The ice cream bar was promoted in this campaign with a promotional offer of 1€. A rich media campaign featuring the brand ran for about a month during the lead up to the summer season. Contextual data, such as weather, and geographic targeting were integrated into the campaign to reach a custom audience. Additionally, the campaign ran on a day-parted schedule with the bulk of impressions reaching consumers on the weekend. Consumers engaged with the ad and were encouraged to share the offer with their friends via WhatsApp. They could also locate the nearest store location and visit the brand’s website.


The campaign achieved a 6.28% rate of engagement with more than 150,000 interactions with the ad. The promotional offer was shared via WhatsApp more than 9,000 times and over 13,000 unique users clicked to map the nearest store location.

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