The Challenge

The objective is to communicate general price cuts to current and potential customers while also ensuring an engaging experience with the user throughout the ad workflow.

Our Solution

In order to achieve the advertiser’s objective, the campaign utilized hyperlocal geofencing around the advertiser outlets across the major metropolitan areas around the country. The exact addresses of all establishments were dynamically added to the creative showing the user’s distance to the closest supermarket to maximize contextuality and increase engagement.

The traditional geofence was also enhanced by utilizing Sonata’s Physical Retargeting technology which showed ads to people only if they had been located near the hypermarkets within the last month. Lastly, to maximize reach and social interaction, Sonata’s mobile native TAP2Whatsapp feature was added to the campaign workflow.


The workflow analytics showed a twofold engagement of geo-retargeted users vs. others including those that arrived from social networks such as Facebook. The floating interstitial format achieved 5 times higher response rates compared with other ad formats. Women were more responsive to the campaign in general, although TAP2Whatsapp was predominantly over indexed for men.

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