The Challenge

The Major Credit Card Company teamed up with Major Cinema Chains to boost brand awareness and card loyalty while driving foot traffic.

Our Solution

Working in tandem with Movie Theaters Chains, the Major Credit Card Company ran a promotional interstitial campaign. The downloadable coupons offered 1 Euro off + 2 menu items for the price of 1. Each coupon had a unique identifier to help the Major Credit Card Company track redemptions across the three cinemas. The ad appeared on premium mobile web and mobile apps, and was targeted specifically to people that had been previously profiled by Sonata as movie-goers by their presence-history.


There were over 1.000 coupon downloads and the engagement ratio was 130% higher than the average geo-fenced campaign. The Movie Chains experienced a boost in traffic during the campaign period and the most effective hyperlocal areas out of the 100 targeted were in high density areas in the afternoon. The IAB categories where the campaign engaged over average were Arts & Entertainment, Style & Fashion and Society.

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