The Challenge

1. Complicating manage, execute and measure local actions in the digital realm of different dealers network in Spain.

2. Scan the local impacts in an easily planned and measurable way.

3. Traditional media do not always have the expected coverage and prices do not always conform to it.

Our Solution

1. Geolocation as an alternative to the regional press. All managed from a single platform.

2. Sonata digitizes these impacts and adds accurate and precise location, in very specific perimeters. Impacts are also easily measured.

3. Coverage with mobile medium is total, plus Sonata´s segmentation ability compared to traditional media.


Engagement on App 2,98% vs. Site 2,73%

Engagement on iOS 4,25% vs. Android 2,85%

Society and Style & Fashion where the IAB categories where the engagement was higher.

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