The Challenge

Reach an interested audience at the brand and get redirect to the site configurator model is a challenge for any car brand. Firstly, the challenge that we presented was to reach the highest volume of users as possible among those who have previously responded automotive campaigns. Secondly, redirect much traffic as possible to the site of the brand to finally get the largest possible number of qualified leads.

Our Solution

Two types of retargeting were raised to reach the hearing required by the brand through Sonata.

First a physical retargeting based on behavior patterns of users who have been close to car dealer brand and competitors.

Second, a mobile site retargeting users who have previously responded in automotive campaigns. Starting from there an extension of hearing was held for a higher volume of audience.


The site retargeting obtained a very high conversion ratio (records), 10 times higher than the physical retargeting. The cost of these qualified leads was 30% lower than the average for the automotive industry.

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