The Challenge

On the occasion of the ’Feria de Abril’ in Seville, one of the most crowded popular festivals in Spain, a well-known alcohol beverage brand had as a main objective to capitalize the Feria experience under their brand concept and values in order to encourage physical visits to different points of sales.

Our Solution

The out-of-home strategy was synchronized with the mobile campaign in the most relevant touchpoints of the city to achieve awareness and performance. The advertising campaign was focused on running a programmatic mobile geofencing strategy around 6 sheets in order to implement a retargeting plan. Firstly, impacting our target through the use of outdoor advertising distributed across the city centre. Secondly, engaging and activating them via the impact of a targeted message on their smartphones. Finally, to measure the effectiveness of the strategy, we created a 600m geofencing key area and a 1200m control zone.


Implementing a double impact with the OOH and mobile ads, the engagement result increased by approximately 27% on the closest areas (less than 200 meters) to the OOH frames. Moreover, the engagement rate result in these areas was 0,91%. However, when the distance increased from 200m to 1200m, the engagement rate result decreased to 0,72%.

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