Sonata Platform Main-Attributes

Sonata is unique for its flexibility, openness and unique approach to audience profiling, activation and attribution.

Premium Mobile Audience

Premium Mobile Audience

● Access to TAPTAP's preferred global deal network.

● Include and access your own Preferred Deals transparently.

● Define & create your own customized audience clusters.

● 3rd-party certified viewability and brand safety.

● Integrated with all major existing ad exchanges.

● Include over 50 audience segmentation layers & 20+ standard audience clusters.

● Certified hyperlocal reach to specific audiences.

1st-party Data Generation & Data Integrations

1st-party Data Generation & Data Integrations

● Advanced proprietary location data certification.

● Physical presence 1st-party data generator.

● API-enabled integrations of 3rd-party contextual data.

● Cross-device capabilities for funnel attribution.

● Deterministic Data Partnerships with telcos (Age, Gender, Address).

● Deep customer integration through CRM/DMP APIs.

● Advertising & marketing data matching automation triggers.

Advanced Dynamic Creative Capabilities

Advanced Dynamic Creative Capabilities

● All major ad formats plus additional high impact video and rich media ads.

● Scalable yet highly personal global delivery of contextual ads.

● Pre-bid and tag based brand-safety/viewability certification.

● Deep integrations at the creative level with local datasources.

● Ads that seamlessly adjust to the environment for added relevance.

● 3rd-party certified with major delivery ad servers.

Service & Optimization

Service & Optimization

● Dedicated & flexible engineering & support team.

● Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Fully Managed 360° service.

● Human+algorithmic campaign optimization of KPIs.

● Real-time campaign analytics of all major metrics.

● Hyperlocal geo-level audience reach forecasting module.

● Campaign optimization impact analysis.

● AdCreative development by experienced mobile advertising specialists.

Transparency & Motivation

Transparency & Motivation

● Pre and post bid viewable CPM (vCPM) buying model availability.

● Easily import/export through multiple APIs (reporting, creative, etc.).

● 3rd-party verified by all major industry auditors.

● Post-campaign site/app level analytics.

● Deep-level whitelisting/blacklisting capabilities for open buys.

● Seeking best advertiser results by solely focussing on demand-side.

● Brand safety certification by 3rd parties.

Global Reach & Scale

Global Reach & Scale

● 9 offices (Europe / Americas).

● 2 operational hubs (Madrid & Bogota).

● Globally Scalable Platform - Campaigns in 80+ countries during 2016.

● Multi-language support team.

● Cross market learnings and insights at the advertiser/industry level.

● Customized account hierarchy.

● Localized servers meeting country-specific privacy standards.

Advanced  Real-Time Campaign Analytics & Insights

Sonata provides advertisers an easy to understand holistic view of campaign performance.

Real-time analytics

Real-time analytics

See how your performance varies through time. View and control the specific important KPIs for each of your campaigns or aggregate and compare campaigns against each other.

Algorithmic-based Optimization supports human decision-making

Algorithmic-based Optimization supports human decision-making

Powered by machine learning algorithms Sonata provides advertisers with unprecedented fingertip information on what decisions are the most important for optimal campaign performance.

Absolute transparency

Absolute transparency

Total control with over 50 optimization variables that can be cross-referenced against each other.

All reports can be customized, saved and enabled for automatic download under a predetermined schedule.

Street-Level Monitoring (SLM)

Street-Level Monitoring (SLM)

Graphical display of campaign specific engagement actions at the geo-level provide unique insights.

Where are your customers calling from? Are app downloads occurring at certain locations and times? Are completed video views occurring in residential or office locations?

These are some of the questions you may answer with street level monitoring.

Proyecto cofinanciado por el Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo, dentro del Plan Nacional de Investigación Científica, desarrollo e Innovación Tecnológica 2013-2016 con el número de referencia TSI-100105-2016-47