Audience Geo-Forecaster for OOH (Out-of-Home)

Quantify, Profile and Engage Contextually with audiences on the move.

Sync your OOH efforts with context-driven mobile ads to maximize your out-of-home reach and top-of-mind.

Contextual Data
Trigger Mobile Campaign

Geo-profile audiences that have been at the specific locations of your OOH customer journey.

Trigger Mobile Campaign

Deliver context-driven dynamic ads on mobile to the same OOH audience you are seeking.

Trigger Mobile Campaign

Use data insights to understand the entire consumer journey and determine which audience profiles engage the most.

When synchronized,  OOH and mobile provide a 27% uplift in audience engagement.

Mobile Engagement

Audience Geo-Forecasting Module

Easily Define and Forecast Audience Volume and Profile Around Specific Geographic Areas

Smartphone Audiences