TAPTAP Digital, in collaboration with the Carlos III University of Madrid, Predicio and Tamoco, has conducted a geospatial analysis to help both institutions and the community analyze different indicators in the context of the COVID19 pandemic.

Crossing representative and highly curated location and device data with other variables and data sources, we identify the following:

  • Official COVID19 Data: Cases, Hospitalizations, UCI Patients, Recovered Patients and Deaths with respect to mobility  
  • Social and Demographic Variables: Assess the risk and natural vulnerability of each province based on the composition of its inhabitants   
  • User Behavior (Mobility & Digital Consumption): Indicators of changes in population behavior in the context of COVID19
  • Geographic Analysis: Analysis of key points or areas of interest (in high demand or saturated) that could expose or restrict the population. Density of different population groups per POI.

Read about our methodology. P14 Appendix

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