Argentina, TAPTAP’s newest destination

  • TAPTAP, the digital marketing multinational, which already has offices in 8 markets in Europe and the Americas, has landed with a force in Argentina.
  • Nancy Cruz, Sales Director of TAPTAP Argentina, will oversee the company’s growth in the competitive Argentine advertising market.

TAPTAP, a Spanish digital advertising services company, currently has a presence in 9 markets in Europe and the Americas, with offices in Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Italy, the United States and its new opening in Argentina.

The growth of TAPTAP has been unstoppable since its creation in 2010, thanks to the development of its own innovative technology, such as its digital marketing platform, Sonata. For TAPTAP, the creation of data-driven solutions and the constant renewal of its products have been crucial to positioning itself as the leading company in key Latin American advertising markets.


Daniel Cruz, Partner & Regional Director, South America explains: “Argentina is a regional reference in terms of digital advertising and innovation. The arrival of TAPTAP represents a great challenge for growth in Latin America, where once again, we’ve demonstrated our long-term commitment in each of the countries in the region.”

Nancy Cruz, introduced as Sales Director of TAPTAP Argentina, will be in charge of achieving this goal. Nancy has 10 years of experience in the Argentine advertising sector. She’s been part of different media organizations such as Microsoft, Ybrant, Red Mas, Adglow and Medula among others, managing special accounts for major clients and agencies, developing new business units and leading successful sales teams. Nancy will be responsible for the growth in the local market and the positioning of TAPTAP as a strategic partner for the principal local and regional accounts.

Nancy Cruz, Sales Director of TAPTAP Argentina states: “Argentina is a very demanding market with developed digital devices. At TAPTAP, we work very hard on strategy, getting involved in campaigns, from the brief to the results analysis. This has allowed us to receive very positive assessments of advertisers and to position ourselves as a strategic partner for our clients. Digital strategies such as the MOOH (Mobile Out of Home), in which we unify on and off in a simple way, mean that TAPTAP is innovation.”

Sonata, TAPTAP’s digital marketing platform, manages, implements and measures digital cross-device strategies from a mobile-centric approach. Sonata’s LQI (Location Quality Index) technology makes it a unique advertising platform, combining physical and digital strategies to finally bring marketing and advertising closer together.

Felipe Areal, Partner & COO comments: “The arrival of TAPTAP in Argentina represents another step forward in regional growth as the reference in digital partnership for advertisers and global agencies.”

The advanced audience profiling, the geo-contextual activation of the campaign, and finally, the physical and digital advertising attribution in real time allow Sonata to impact the right person, with the right message, at the most appropriate time during the whole purchase process. Its versatility, transparency and brand safety, guaranteed by third parties, make Sonata the DSP and DMP chosen by thousands of advertisers and global agencies in Europe and the Americas.

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