“TAPTAP: ready for the Mexican Digital Market”, Javier Ormazábal, Platform Sales Director of TAPTAP

Source: Marketingdirecto.com

  1. Since its inception in 2010, TAPTAP has continued to expand in many parts of the world. Last year it touched down in the Mexican market. What was the motivation behind this decision?

We could say that the growth of TAPTAP has been exponential throughout these almost 8 years. We’ve seen an evolution of the digital market to which TAPTAP has been able to adapt naturally, emerging in 2010 as an ad network focused only on the mobile medium, until becoming what we currently are, a mobile-centric DSP-DMP. The key to our change has been Sonata, our fully in-house developed digital marketing platform, which allows us to tackle new trends in the digital advertising sector, omnichannel strategies. Taking a mobile-centric approach, which doesn’t mean mobile-only, Sonata extracts, processes and analyzes mobile data with the aim of enriching omnichannel strategies.

TAPTAP has opted for the development and constant evolution of the Sonata platform, allowing us to reach a very high degree of scalability, and consequently open 9 new markets worldwide, quickly and efficiently.

In the case of Mexico, our arrival in the Mexican advertising market occurred in January 2017. Aspects such as its privileged location and the American influence in this huge market, along with overwhelming digital penetration, have both been crucial to our bold access and subsequent positioning in the sector.


  1. What opportunities does the Mexican market offer TAPTAP?


The Mexican advertising market has brought on a huge opportunity for TAPTAP, while at the same time a great challenge. It’s an advanced digital market, from which many of the leading advertisers and media agencies control investment budgets of Latin American countries.

However, the entry barriers are high. It’s a very large market in which both advertisers and agencies have exhaustive quality controls in their campaigns and give very high importance to the quality of service they receive.

TAPTAP Mexico has focused its efforts on offering impeccable customer service, with a team made up of professionals with vast experience in the digital sector, and establishing a sales staff and campaign management team in Mexico City.

With a digital marketing platform such as Sonata, we’ve been able to introduce mobile data-driven strategies into the Mexican market that maximize ROI in digital campaigns, positioning us as the innovator of digital companies in the sector.


  1. What are the objectives of the company in the short and long term in this new territory?


Today we serve the largest media and advertising agencies in the country, helping them develop annual data-driven advertising strategies. Since our opening in Mexico, our short-term goal has been to spread the word to the digital market and bring in the latest innovation in advertising, always offering a service 100% focused on the customer. I’m sure that by offering the best customer service in the sector, we’ll be the undisputed leaders in the Mexican digital market.


  1. How has the expansion process been?


Since our arrival in Mexico, TAPTAP has managed to establish and position itself in the advertising market as a reference of technology suppliers. We’ve grown in a natural way, growing our team of professionals in accordance with the needs of the market.

Additionally, many agencies already use Sonata, our digital marketing platform in other markets, to manage their campaigns, always backed by our experience.

Likewise, the agreement reached with Clear Channel in Mexico and South America, has meant a huge differentiation with other digital providers, placing us as leaders of mobile-centric and omnichannel strategies that maximize advertising efforts in other media.


  1. What’s the assessment of this first year in Mexico?


The assessment is 100% positive. TAPTAP Mexico has made a solid entry into the Mexican market, being able to settle and position itself within the digital advertising sector. I believe that our growth is unstoppable, and that little by little we’ll achieve a high capillarity amongst agencies and clients, until becoming an indisputable point of reference in digital strategies.


  1. What are the major challenges that TAPTAP has come across in this market?


Mexico is an immense market with great opportunities. Now our main challenge is to prioritize these opportunities to offer advertisers and agencies new advertising solutions.


  1. What growth forecasts does TAPTAP have for the future?


Month after month we’ve experienced 100% growth, and in less than 6 months we’ve managed to be profitable and reach annual agreements with the major media agencies, both at the display and programmatic level.

Our forecasts are very positive and the numbers back our continued growth at the same pace. We know what the Mexican advertising market demands, so we’ll focus our efforts on providing impeccable service and the latest advertising technology through our Sonata platform.