From Trafficker to Data Analyst

If you are not a part of the digital marketing world, then you most likely will not know what I mean when I say that I am a “trafficker”. Although not considered to be a glamorous role, the trafficker is integral to the online marketing business.

At TAPTAP we have an operations department whose main function is the implementation of display campaigns for “mobile”platforms (Smartphone and Tablet). The undertaking of this requires planning, monitoring, optimization and subsequent analysis of results.

A working day at our department revolves around the use of two fundamental tools. The “Ad Server” and the “Reporting” tool, which we use to achieve our campaign objectives (clicks, impressions, CTRs, etc) and monitor the results. We also have a direct relationship with clients and we provide a comprehensive after-sales service to ensure renewal. It is very important that we maintain a strong relationship with advertisers as we work to integrate mobile and TAPTAP into their overall advertising strategy. A relatively new medium, we look to gain the trust of our clients so that they look to us as experts who can help them navigate the mobile channel. Additionally, we play close attention to the user experience in an effort to not compromise the brand’s integrity.

Along with building client relationships, campaign optimization is our other main objective. Based on the response rates and how a user interacts with the campaign, we pull different levers to improve campaign performance such as the Click Thru Rate (CTR). Some of the ways that we optimize include changing basic segmentation parameters (such as daypart), reallocate spend to one channel or geographical area to improve performance, or try out different creative formats that are more engaging to users, who may already be accustomed to a certain creative form.

You might wonder: “what training do I need to work with you?” The answer is that there is no single specialised training, though it is true the most suitable candidates are those with experience related to advertising, marketing or business. However, this type of experience is not as important as knowing how to work in a team, have an understanding of the English language, and above all perform well under pressure (a little at least). An understanding of tools such as DoubleClick (AdServer), Sonata (our own global platform for hyper-local publicity), Excel, Trello or Google Analytics is essential for surviving day-to-day, as we handle large amounts of information and data that stream constantly.

The digital advertising business is one that is constantly evolving and as a result our roles as traffickers seems to be changing. I think our role will change with the advent of new advertising platforms such as programmatic purchasing and with that increased intelligence, including a total investment display. This change will make us focus more on analytical profiles, and our ability to add value to the amount of data generated in campaigns, and this will certainly be essential for any marketing department.