Dentsu Media and TAPTAP join forces to launch the new Honda Civic using new VideoShake technology

  • Honda, together with Dentsu and TAPTAP, has launched the new Honda Civic using the innovative Rich Media ad format VideoShake developed by TAPTAP and available exclusively through TAPTAP’s Sonata platform.
  • VideoShake natively adapts to the smartphone syncing sensory vibration to what is being shown in the video ad.

Relying on the strategy developed by Dentsu Media, as well as the innovation and development of TAPTAP’s creative  team, Honda has presented its new Honda Civic 5-door to mobile users in a whole different way.

Honda Civic’s new ad campaign came onto our Smartphones with an innovative creative format.  The new Rich Media VideoShake, which for the first time, stimulates our sense of touch. With this new mobile advertising development, Honda demonstrates to mobile users its commitment to technological innovation in the new Civic, which incorporates the connectivity of the latest generation of Honda Connect Navi as well as My Honda, the technology which connects a smartphone with the vehicle, in addition to the more advanced active safety of Honda SENSING.

The Dentsu Media team comments on their strategy: “for the launch of this new model, we are looking to transmit the technological innovation of the new Honda Civic, attempting to surprise the user by bringing them a sensory experience”.

Honda VideoShake’s initiative, under the slogan “Choose your path”, gives rhythm to the message, characterizing the distinct components of the ad on both a visual and tactile level. For the first time, the user can feel the drive of the New Honda Civic in their own hands thanks to a video which, coordinated alongside the vehicle’s acceleration, interacts with the native functionality of the smartphone to activate the device’s vibration.

Irene Prieto, Front End Director for TAPTAP, explains that “we are in a continuous process of innovation, both in creative development and within our Sonata platform, always seeking to offer advertisers a new and attractive solution. The new Honda Civic campaign has been the best opportunity to launch this format where, using the vibration of the device, we can “feel” the engine of the automobile roar almost as though we held the steering wheel itself in our hands. With this feature, we have added an extra sense to the advertising experience”.

The viewing of video formats in mobile advertising has grown more than 40% in Spain since January 2017 according to the latest report published by We Are Social. Thus, consolidating the smartphone as the “go-to” screen for brand advertisers. The current increase in the use of video in mobile media, together with a high number of mobile-centric marketing strategies used by the automotive industry, makes mobile video the key advertising format for automotive advertising in 2017.

Honda, thanks to TAPTAP and Dentsu Media, has surprised the user with a dynamic and innovative format that brings a new mobile sensory experience, thanks to Rich Media VideoShake.

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